(1) Taken on a Mobile.
(2) Bob Forshaw PDI (Group B).
(3) PDI of The Year (Group A)
(4) Dinah Moro first recipient of The Mike King Plate.
(5) Print of The Year (Group B).
(6) Panel of Three.
(7) PDI of The Year (Group B).
(8) Sue Green ARPS is presented with the Mike King Cup by last year's winner Stu Tooley LRPS.
(9) Bob Forshaw PDI (Group A).

Panel of Three

4th - Wendy Howard

3rd - Mike Elliott

2nd - Sue Green ARPS

1st - Ray Charter


Taken on a Mobile

4th - Stu Mayhew

Joint 2nd - Lesley Hal

Joint 2nd - Stu Mayhew

1st - Karin Tearle


PDI of The Year

(Group A)

4th - Herbie Hancock 'Round Midnight' - Paul Parkinson LRPS

3rd - Gentle Shore Break - Stu Tooley LRPS

2nd - Carefree Delight - Stu Tooley LRPS

1st - Hyena pups - Sue Green ARPS

(Group B)

4th - Ready Steady - Penny Spencer

3rd - Hello Daddy - Wendy Howard

2nd - Quick we are not supposed to be in here! - Wendy Howard

1st - Not Going Out - Jagdip Kang


Print of The Year

(Group A)

4th - Mind The Gap - Stu Tooley LRPS

3rd - Jackdaw in Bushy Park - Sue Green ARPS

2nd - Taken Too Soon - Paul Parkinson LRPS

1st - The Dark Trees - Paul Parkinson LRPS

(Group B)

4th - Looking into the mind of Anselm Kiefer - Jean Bright

3rd - Rain Stops Play - Wendy Howard

2nd - Three Ferns - Candy Blackham

1st - A smile from the Lisbon Street beggar - Wendy Howard

Bob Forshaw PDI Trophy

(Group A)

4th - Ty Milward

3rd - Andy Linden

Joint 1st - Sue Green ARPS

Joint 1st - Stu Tooley LRPS

(Group B)

4th - Dinah Moro

3rd - Michael Jones

2nd - Gary Shaw

1st - Wendy Howard


Aperture Print Trophy

(Group A)

Joint 4th - Lesley Hall

Joint 4th - Marshall Pinsent

3rd - Paul Parkinson LRPS

2nd - Stuart Tooley LRPS

1st - Sue Green ARPS

(Group B)

4th - John Nottage

3rd - Wendy Howard

2nd - Michael Jones

1st - Dinah Moro


Mike King Plate

4th - Gary Shaw

3rd - Michael Jones

2nd - Wendy Howard

1st - Dinah Moro


Mike King Cup

Joint 4th - Andy Linden

Joint 4th - Paul Parkinson

3rd - Lesley Hall

2nd - Stu Tooley LRPS

1st - Sue Green ARPS

awards night 2017